Women’s Hair Loss

Advice from Dr. Morrocco, The Hair Shaman


We are now facing—for the first time in history—a global epidemic: Women are now experiencing hair thinning and hair loss up to 40% globally. This was not true eleven years ago. Only in the last ten years has this become an epidemic. Why is this so important?

Hair is more than just a covering for your head and brain, it is your Crowning Glory. Look at Mother Nature crowned with grasses, marine plants, and flowers! These are integral parts of the earth’s beauty. For a woman, hair is an integral part of her beauty too and can affect her whole outlook. Think how great you feel when your hair is clean, full and in good condition. Conversely, think of a “bad hair day,” or when your hair seems thin and limp. You feel out of sorts on those days.

But there is something more. Our universe is pulsing with vital energy—with Chi. Like millions of antenna, your hair is where the Chi, the subtle life force energy from the universe, first makes contact with our physical body. When we are in touch with this energy, we feel a joyful tingling from the tips of our toes to the top of our head. The hair is our crown chakra, drinking in the life force from the universe.

Hair loss may not only feel embarrassing, it can affect your quality of life. But hair loss can be reversed by the Spokes in the Wheel of my famous Morrocco Method.

So let’s go through the Spokes of the Wheel that are most important to your daily hair care including the products you will need—and desire—to make your Crowning Glory healthy and luxurious again, all naturally!

The Five Spokes of the Wheel

The number five repeats itself throughout our lives: we have five fingers on each hand, and five toes on each foot; five senses (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste) five types of body hair (head, eyes, facial, body, pubic); five universal elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether) and so on. As you start applying these five spokes of my Morrocco Method, you’ll experience how each one contributes to the reversal of hair loss by producing a thicker and more vibrant head of hair. Get a jumpstart by doing the following:

1. Choosing 100% Plant Based, Natural Morrocco Method Products vs. Chemicals

Choosing MM’s 100% natural, raw, Paleo wild-crafted shampoos, conditioners and plant-based Henna makes sense not just for the beauty and health of your hair, but also for your general overall well-being. Looking around, do you notice how many people have “thrashed” or seriously thinning hair and sallow, unhealthy-looking skin? The toxic, chemical-laden products they use are a big part of the cause. In contrast, each and every ingredient of our Morrocco Method products is so safe you could actually eat it with no harmful result! Reading ingredient lists will really open your eyes and help you to make the right choices for luxuriant hair.

2. Eating a Live Diet

Like our skin, hair is pure protein, supplied to and transformed into hair. Live vital food creates live vital hair. Dead, overly processed food creates dead, listless hair. A Paleo diet of raw fruits, raw vegetables and raw nuts, along with dried proteins, helps detox the body, while processed and overly cooked foods add toxins to the whole body, including the brain, scalp, and hair. Learn to recognize foods you should always avoid like canned soda, sugary and salty foods.

3. Getting Regular Exercise

Any focused movement that stimulates your blood, lymph and air flow is excellent, such as a thirty-minute walk outdoors, or doing yoga, qi-gong, or tai-chi. Joining a low-impact exercise class can be beneficial too. Find an activity you enjoy doing for at least half an hour a day. If done with a positive, forward attitude, this amount will suffice. If you can do more, all the better, but stressing out or pushing yourself too hard is to be avoided.

4. Acquiring a Positive Attitude and Stress-Free Lifestyle

While exercise will help with this, a positive attitude is important enough to be a spoke all its own. If you want to see change in your life and a spectacular transformation of your hair, start with a sincerely positive attitude. Visualize the winning end result; picture in your mind that what you want has already happened. Believe that here and now you’re living your passion, your bliss, and you’re so excited to wake up and get out of bed in the morning. A positive attitude is achieved by not wasting your life energy dwelling on any past problems including any past hair problems. It means being very positive and direct in the here and now. It means choosing one’s daily habits carefully and maintaining good self-care.

Brushing the hair daily should be part of this self-care. Brushing hair properly is one of the most important elements in the maintenance and rejuvenation of your hair, especially when combined with informed scalp massage. Hair loss problems can almost always be traced to the sebaceous glands—the natural oil-producing and lubricating system of your hair. If these glands are out of balance, they will either over- or underproduce sebum, the natural fatty oils that deliver nutrients to your hair. When they overproduce, hair follicles drown in their own sebum. The scalp is then weakened, and hair begins to fall out. When sebaceous glands underproduce sebum, hair roots and follicles become undernourished, causing hair to become dry, brittle and eventually fall out.

My hair brushing ritual always starts with the right tool—a Morrocco Method International high quality, natural boar bristle brush. Before you use the brush, set aside at least 3-5 minutes to relax any tense muscles. Then bending from the waist, brush through your hair in a long, sweeping motion from roots to ends. By thus distributing the sebum to each strand of hair, you stabilize the hair, combat breakage and promote the sheen of healthy, beautiful hair. Two short sessions a day, morning and night, will give you remarkable results: no need to overdo it, as over-brushing can do harm by making the strands brittle.

The Morrocco Method all-natural rubber Extra Large Scalp Massager is a great tool for invigorating your scalp and inducing it to grow abundant, luxurious hair. In just a few pleasurable minutes day—and especially just prior to shampooing—you can do wonders for your hair health.

A wonderful side effect of brushing and massaging is tension release. Don’t be surprised when afterwards you find you’re thinking more clearly and handling daily challenges more calmly and rationally!

5. Haircutting According to the Lunar Calendar

People from countries with cultures rooted in the natural cycles of the moon and seasons are astonished at our habit of having haircuts without regard to the lunar phases. To them, we might as well be planting seeds in the winter and expecting a bountiful harvest. Our ancestors learned over centuries that planting on moon cycles optimizes growth of both plants and human hair dramatically.

According to the ancient wisdom of Shamans, who consider hair a sacred part of the body, there are five elements to consider each month: Specific times enhance hair strength, thickness, length, root strengthening and beautification. Otherwise, the remaining inauspicious days of that month will actually retard hair growth.

Luxurious hair depends on following the Lunar Calendar and having your hair cut seasonally according to it. For women, hair is best cut once per season at the following times: Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, and Winter Solstice. Use a blunt snip-cut technique when the hair is wet. Blunt cut the ends only, making sure the ends are as blunt and thick as possible.

You can even learn to cut your own hair if you watch our video tutorials such as Cut Your Hair With Blunt Snip for Stronger Hair or Lunar Hair Cutting Demonstration

If you are experiencing hair thinning and loss, my Lunar Chart shows you specific days each month when cutting your hair will strengthen and thicken it, stimulating roots and regenerating your hair.

Please refer to our MM Lunar Chart at www.5elementshaircare.com