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Hair and wardrobe make 90% of our appearance, supported by our gait, posture and body language. First impressions take place within seconds of meeting another human being and communicate who we are and what we are about. As Hair Shamans we want to be the best communicators we can be through our words but first of all through our looks.

Striving to be more authentic, present, trustworthy and powerful in the way we dress and wear our hair, releases and accentuates our innate beauty exponentially.

We are not coming from a place of vanity but from mastering and aligning frequencies. Colors either resonate with our natural pigmentation or not. Great hair and wardrobe are inseparable. Yet there is so much room for dissonance.

Our Hair and Wardrobe Balancing consultations teach you what to wear to show off your hair. Based on your personal data (Version A) or photos (Version B), we will provide you with a highly personalized consultation. Our consultations require you to experiment and actively implement suggestions. We will outline design elements, style suggestions, proportion corrections, color combinations and recommendations for you to test and improve upon.