Hair symbolizes many things to many different cultures, such as health, status, history, memories, dreams, strength and so much much. In the articles below, we discuss hair symbolism in some of the most famous and most unknown stories of hair and its importance. Whether you want to read classic fairy tales, the meaning of a dream, religious symbolism or a different cultures beliefs we have it. Enjoy your journey to better understanding the true meaning of your hair.

Princess Melisande

Hair Stories: Princess Melisande

Ariel shares a story about being careful what you wish for and appreciating what you already have.

Hair Stories Contest: Fairies and Tangled Hair

Robin shares her childhood stories of fairies and folklore.

The Demon with the Matted Hair

Joseph Jacobs shares with us a story about being fearless in your beliefs and in doing good with nature and all living things.

Healing, Hair, and Elements

Go beyond our lore and ideas of archetypes to explore the meaning of the Five Elements.

Samson and Delilah

Is the story of Samson and Delilah perhaps one of the greatest Biblical stories ever told about hair and its magic, mystery and power?

Why Indians Would Keep their Hair Long?

The fascinating truth about the power and beauty of Hair as discovered by the Native American peoples.

Hair & Aura

Aura is exceptionally powerful in the intensity and variation of its color spectrum. But what does this tell you about your Hair?

Hair Raising...A Spiritual Journey

How is Hair the physical manifestation of our thoughts? Is Hair an extension of ourselves?

Fairies, Hags and Princesses

Fairies, Hags, and Witches come to life as I share my favorite tales and stories about the magic of Hair!