Cultures around the globe and throughout history took great pride in the state of their hair and saw it as an important part of their identity, status, history and memories. Their hair reflected their beliefs and how they lived. We will be discussing different religions and their relationship with hair. Feel free to click on any article to find out more.

The Nadi System for Hair Health

In Ayurveda, the Nadi system (Nadi, coming from the word Nad…

Why Monks Shave their Heads

Long, beautiful hair is a sign of strength, health, beauty and…

Rasta Way of Growing Hair

History Dreadlocks are strands of hair that become matted…

Why Indians Would Keep their Hair Long?

The fascinating truth about the power and beauty of Hair as discovered by the Native American peoples.

Hair Raising...A Spiritual Journey

How is Hair the physical manifestation of our thoughts? Is Hair an extension of ourselves?