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Especially notable in Anthony’s aura are 5 discernible “domes” emanating from the fuchsia-magenta streak. Anthony has founded his acclaimed Morrocco Method Int’l hair care enterprise on the basis of 5 elements that comprise our Universe (air, earth, fire, water & ether):  this auric out- picturing of his corporate philosophy is quite fascinating!

This aura is exceptionally powerful in the intensity and variation of its color spectrum as well as the full size of the projection itself. Deep indigo blue, as the top stratum, indicates truth through conviction, further emphasizing a strong unification of Anthony’s business practice with his personal mission.  The billowing of white just below reveals profound connection with the spiritual; that it travels virtually the complete horizontal distance across the Aura signifies Anthony’s success in personal evolution through lifelong learning and world travel.

The aforementioned fuchsia-magenta streak reveals abundant creativity, with its brightness suggesting a healthy amount of flamboyance as well!  The golden “halo” completely enveloping Anthony’s crown and glowing onto his forehead identifies an intense thinker whose mind is always seeking new discoveries in what the rest of the world may ignore or take for granted. At the right shoulder area, scarlet and violet intermingling suggest a tremendous capacity for love — and emerald green showing at the left indicates deep connection with nature as well as a capacity for healing (self and others).

Anthony’s aura is certainly one that leaves little to be desired.  However, the scarlet and gold blending into orange (on his left) reveal that ‘marching to the sound of a different drummer’ could at times veer off into non-productive eccentricity. This hue may also suggest a tendency to excessive worry.  For the sake of balance and sustained healing, more of the forest green hue would be beneficial.

Thanks for reading!! Stay tuned for more information and for before and after aura pictures with MM products!!!

Morrocco Method has begun exciting new work with specialized aura photographers to show how the condition of your hair is reflected in colors that beam outward from the snapshot. These hues will differ in size, shape, variety and intensity depending upon whether the hair is virgin, dyed, damaged by environment or chemical processing, etc.

Aura pictures are extremely complex – there are entire books written about them. An excellent, concise one is ““Auras: An Essay on the Meaning of Colors.”” I have attempted to briefly summarize our MM objective with this aura project below.

Auras allow you to see an actual picture of your ““Chi”” — also know as the Ethereal Energies.


Kerri “before”:
Kerri’s chemically treated hair in this first photo undoubtedly limits her aura potential.  Although turquoise and hints of lavender-violet indicate an imaginative, spiritual nature, they are quite muted and the portion of green showing to her right looks anemic.  Also, her skin tone is dulled.

Kerri “after”:
A combined application of MM Euro Oil and Diamond Crystal Mist — to neutralize and heal the thrashed condition of her hair — renders amazing changes in Kerri’s second photo.  At the top, turquoise has coalesced into periwinkle (blue infused with violet), conveying the dual benefit of enhanced tranquility and calm wisdom.  Also, Kerri’s facial skin now reflects more healthy, lifelike color, and a favorable portion of green healing energy shows up at her thyroid/throat chakra area.  Completing this very successful picture is a feathering of white just above her head…reflection of a soul in perfect balance!

Isn’t it astonishing how much one’s aura can change depending on what products you use on your scalp? With that in mind, thank you for reading. Remember – our health is our wealth.

Why is this life force so important?
Chi / Ether = personal life force; the individualized portion of universal energy that enters our bodies by way of 5 different kinds of hair:

1) scalp hair (Crown Chakra) – Element Ether,
2) facial hair (beard) – Element Water,
3) eyebrows and lashes – Element Air
4) body hair – Element Earth and
5) pubic hair – Element Fire.

It is helpful to think of all your various kinds of hair as antennae, extending out into nature for the purpose of receiving Universe’s ongoing transmission of raw Chi ethereal energies, and transforming them into usable nutrients for our organs and body. The hair absorbs available Chi, filters out negative energies and stores any surplus Chi for healing, health maintenance and spiritual benefit.



Fernando “before”:
In this first photo, prominent blue tones identify the subject as an even-tempered, effective communicator and truth seeker. Turquoise hue signifies musical ability, and the rather subtle lavender showing on his right cheek and lip area indicate a developing intuition. However, three areas of concern arise: First, total absence of red-orange-gold coloration in this aura reveals lack of energy, vitality and needed balance. Second, the overall darkness of the subject’s aura is less than desirable. Finally, a sickly yellow-green plume surrounding Fernando’s forehead and entire scalp suggests the possibility of mental conflict and/or a health challenge.

Fernando “after”:
With application of MM Pele Lava Elixir, we see one of the most dramatically changed auras ever! Restoration of brightness, balance and a complete color palette reveal spectacular improvement.  A particular interesting area is the orange-gold “beneficial blast” at the precise site of Fernando’s thyroid, the gland that regulates every metabolic change in our bodies. This is an extraordinary manifestation of energy change for the better! Another very encouraging sign is the entire disappearance of yellow-green — and in its place a more emerald-tone shade, which denotes healing. But arguably this photo’s most astonishing result lies in five white “star” circles now clearly emanating overhead at the top of the aura. (This number is especially significant in that it quantifies the 5 elements comprising Creation — Air / Earth / Fire / Water / Ether — and the foundation upon which Morrocco Method International bases all formulation of its raw, 100% natural, wild-crafted, vegan products.) White, denoting purity and perfection, is the most highly prized manifestation in the light wave color spectrum.

Thank you for reading! Until next week, be happy and be healthy.

There are 2 types of Chi / Ether:

  • Prenatal Chi or Essence is energy inherited from parents, grandparents and multi-generations back — combined with what we bring with us, from past lives, to this experience.
  • Postnatal Chi or Personality is energy force gained during a lifetime, showing as a distinct aspect of self-awareness.



Colleen “before”:
The photo of untreated hair shows a pronounced abundance of blue and turquoise tones; this shows an effective communicator with ready access to her higher self, who remains calmly confident through otherwise turbulent conditions.  The small amount of purple also suggests good intuitive skills.  What the present aura lacks is an essential balance that other hues would provide.

Colleen “after”:
Application of MM Euro Hair Oil expands her aura into more vivid blue tones as well as a co-mingling with violet and pink — for added energy, strength and vitality.  This helps Colleen with balancing her intensely thoughtful “head-in-the-clouds” mentality with staying “grounded” to deal with everyday matters that require practical thinking.  We recommend the introduction of additional MM products into Colleen’s hair care regimen so that her aura will eventually manifest a more complete, balanced spectrum of coloration (i.e. green and yellow-gold for enhancement of health and well-being).

How can humans build up their postnatal Chi?
Eat a variety of raw and fresh plant-based, water-filled foods. Plants digest the universal energies of sun, air and magnetic earth force –efficiently transforming them into nutrients available to all humans.

Study this essential book: .“Golden Elixir Chi Kung.” by Master Mantak Chia— recognized as the world’s foremost living authority on the subject.

Practice conscious deep breathing in the cleanest air possible. Anthony highly recommends Dr. Andrew Weil’s CD on breathing. According to Master Chia, hair acts as an external FIVE TYPES OF HAIR AND CHI “storehouse.”  We can draw universal Chi back into our bodies by deepening our everyday oxygen intake using the practice of “hair breathing.”: quieting the mind to focus on feeling energy as it filters through hair; sensing as it blends and transform from universal Chi into dynamic, usable energy for all the organs of your body. By breathing through your body’s hair follicles, you are drawing Chi from the entire world around you and heightening this activity with full awareness of your senses and all your body hair. As you continue the pattern of inhaling-exhaling, it will feel as if your hair itself is breathing, with energy moving in and out of the strands. Enjoy the sensation of gathering Chi through your hair. “Hair breathing” will promote growth and optimum health of hair — excellent for everyone, but especially so for those with hair thinning or hair loss. Some people may consider this idea very new or even strange, but recalling the biblical story of Samson and Delilah makes it very easy to acknowledge the hair-energy connection which dates back to ancient times.



Chantal ”before”:
The first photo, taken before the application of MM products, shows — in its magenta/pink and orange fullness— an intense, thoughtful, loving personality, probably with a considerable tendency toward flamboyance! However, all this energy could potentially swerve out of control, turning abrasive and causing problems, particularly in Chantal’s interactions with other people.  So much of only the two hues, to the exclusion of all others, does not allow for desired balance and equilibrium of an ideal aura….

Chantal “after”:
We applied MM Silver Elixir and asked Chantal to work it thoroughly through her hair and scalp. The resulting rainbow spectrum transforms her into an amazing “human prism!”  Her orange energy is still quite present, which propel her strong personality forward, but now there is also a very healthy energy balancing — with deep blue for serenity, a green healing component and gold to soften the hard orange formerly dominating her facial area.  There are also new plumes of white, which purify and bring Chantal’s energies further into much-improved configuration:  All in all, a beautiful picture of success!

What role does human hair play in postnatal Chi energies?
We all have 5 types of body hair, as mentioned above (the scalp – Element Ether/ facial/beard – Element Water / eyebrows & lashes – Element Air / hair on the rest of the body – Element Earth / pubic hair – Element Fire). This presence of “5” recurs throughout our world — as the number of senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell); digits of each hand & foot and elements (air, earth,  re, water, ether) that form the essential structure of our Universe.



Maggie “before”:
This first aura study shows clearly, in its preponderance of magenta/pink, a near-unlimited capacity to give and receive unconditional love.  Gold conveys her warmth and contentment with life.  There is also a hint of white, indicating the soul’s quest for perfection.  Although an enviable illustration of fine personality traits, the aura is totally devoid of any blue-green hue, which throws it off-balance and deprives Maggie of a full spectrum energy flow.

Maggie “after”:
With application of MM Silver Elixir, which features a strong component of grapeseed extract, the second photograph reveals a greatly improved auric balance.  Blue has infused it, with (look closely!) the silhouette of an “indigo angel” just behind Maggie!   Her gold streak shines even brighter and the white band is now large across the top of the photo.

What role does human hair play in postnatal Chi energies?
Follicle-generated hairs, spanning the entire body, are in effect your antennae, extending out into nature and the total Universe. Become aware of your hair!

The more natural your scalp hair is and the better its condition, the more Chi/Ethereal Energy it will absorb at your Crown Chakra.

These “new” ideas — including the breathing practice — present a challenge to most people, so please be patient with yourself! At first it may be difficult to feel the “hair breathing” and other sensations of energy transference, but it will come. An attitude of faith that you can do it is very important. Relax to the flow of energy. If you find that you’re unable to concentrate or are tensing up, just stop and remember that old saying: “a journey of ten thousand miles begins with the first step. ” Be as kind as you would be to someone else struggling to grasp new concepts and give yourself permission to try again at another time.



Lysithia “before”:
This photo, of untreated virgin hair, yields a relatively well-balanced aura for someone so young.  Lysithia’s spectrum suggests an intelligent child with strong visual communication, who handles herself quite well under most given circumstances. However, the “little bit of headache” she reported during her initial camera session isn’t surprising given the yellow-green streak encompassing the entire crown on her head.

Lysithia “after”:
With the use of MM Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Diamond Crystal Mist, there is astonishing transformation in her second photograph. Most remarkable is the appearance of a seeming guardian “indigo angel” just behind Lysithia! Increased energy shows in new, surrounding pink/violet, and the problematic, murky yellow-green haze has vanished…likewise her headache! Bright yellow/gold at the top of the aura denotes a happier mood and the white portion — indicating purity and ascension to perfection — has grown from a tiny speck to a dominant portion of her aura.

What role does human hair play in postnatal Chi energies?
Aura portraits are allowing us to actually view the scope and quality of Chi — our vital life force energy — in each person individually. The colors in the photographs show us a dimension with so much potential for enhancement of health! Here we are into the twenty-first century with only an inkling of what can portend the future of all healing arts! But this awakening can be attributed to some early intrepid pioneers — most notably ‘the sleeping prophet.’ Edgar Cayce, who in 1945 wrote:  “Apparently the aura reflects vibrations of the soul.” Cayce devoted his entire life to research and discoveries we are only beginning to comprehend. Cayce continues to say, “Color seems to be a characteristic of the vibration of matter.….through atomic patterns. We ourselves are patterns and we project colors, which are there for those who can see them..”

Now that we have the technology to capture and observe a person’s Aura, we gain an astonishing opportunity to assess — by virtue of variety, shape, intensity and blending of color — the disposition of their Chi.



Kevin “before”:
The first photo was taken of the subject with his natural, untreated hair.

Kevin’s spectrum shows agitation — in the topmost horizontal streaking of orange — but there is considerable reassurance in the presence of a white streak, which doesn’t often occur in an individual’s aura and indicates evolution perfection of the persona. Both the tiny amounts and separation of green and blue hues indicate that healing is probably needed in one or more areas of health. A preponderance of violet/purple — such as that showing  too dominantly over Kevin’s  head and face —- often indicates digestive disturbance of a minor or major extent.

Kevin “after”:
After using MM Poseidon Elixir for re-growth, Kevin’s aura now shows significant beneficial change. One particular interest is the sizeable influx of green, blue and aqua, indicating calmness and an infusion of healing energy. The blue counterbalances and diminishes the former troubling violet/purple streak, this is unquestionably a positive outcome.

DANGER: Hair Transplants Kill Your Brain!
Each hair growing in your scalp springs from a follicle, its ongoing source of

nourishment and survival. This follicle, or bulb, is in turn individually connected to a single nerve ending of your brain. These connections, collectively numbering in the tens of thousands, make possible the high level of thought, feeling and sensation you access every day to experience your world.…. thanks to such an amazing gift from Nature.

Those who choose to have hair transplants done unwittingly subject themselves to irreparable damage they will inevitably live to regret — not to mention the fact that a very high percentage of these so-called “infallible” transplants simply fail to produce hair growth at all. The procedure involves removing “plugs” from a dense area of hair to be.“replanted” in a thinner or bald space. Each scalp chunk torn out represents one destroyed and irreplaceable nerve ending of your precious brain that is then gone forever. Certainly switching to an all-natural hair care regimen such as Morrocco Method International, which proudly presents the world’s only 100% natural, wild-crafted, raw and organic system — combined with the foregoing suggestions for enhancing your health — is vastly preferable to destroying your amazing brain!

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