The Nadi System for Hair Health

In Ayurveda, the Nadi system (Nadi, coming from the word Nad which means motion, flow or vibration) is a group of energy channels that carry prana (life) force throughout the body. They connect our nerves, as well as the subtle circuitry (yoga nadis) of the mind, self and consciousness matrix that supports our physical presence.

There are thousands of nadis in our body, but in Ayurveda there are three main ones:

– Ida Nadi: The feminine aspect of our personality. It also controls the function of the parasympathetic nervous system; this system calms the mind.
– Pingala Nadi: The masculine aspect of our personality. It controls the sympathetic or fight-or-flight system.
– Sushama Nadi: This is the central channel of energy that runs from the base of the spine to the crown of the head and carries Kundalini energy, the primal source of evolutionary force within. Sushama Nadi only opens and flows freely when Ida and Pingala Nadis are balanced and clear.

Besides the Nadis, other important forces that run our bodies and sustain life are the doshas. They assist with the creation of all the various tissues of the body and to remove any unnecessary waste products. Even if they may be numerous, the main three are:

– Vata: Associated with wind, it governs all movement –the flow of breath, the pulsation of the heart, all muscle contractions, tissue movements, cellular mobility—and communication throughout the mind and nervous system.
– Pitta: Made up of the fire and water elements, it governs nutrition, metabolism, body temperature, digestion and is related to intelligence and understanding.
– Kapha: Composed of earth and water elements. It hydrates all cells and systems, lubricates joints, moisturizes the skin, maintains immunity and protects the tissues.
In order for Prana to flow freely through the system, the pathways must be cleared and balanced. When this happens, the result is overall health, wellness of the body and mind, and spiritual growth. However, some life events may upset the natural state of the internal equilibrium and result in blocking these channels. The body then may express this imbalance in a number of symptoms such as intestinal malabsorption, depression, dry skin, among others. The way this reflects on the scalp is with PH imbalances, dandruff, dryness, and even loss of the hair to name a few.

Nadi Ways to a Healthy Hair

There can be a wide range of cosmetic treatments for scalp damage and hair loss, like over-the-counter shampoos and other topical application liquids, medicines, and steroids, all claiming to stop hair loss and improve hair health; however, people continue to lose hair since these products end up being more damaging than helpful due to the high degree of toxicity in the ingredients and the internal body reaction to them. That’s why, we recommend besides detoxifying, that people stick to 100% natural hair care products, remedies and tonics, such as the Morrocco Method Elixirs. These elixirs promote further repair, restoration, revitalization and rejuvenation of hair and scalp.

Another important element in holistic health, that will help promote a healthier scalp, is targeted movement that will aid clearing your Nadis and balance your doshas to allow Prana to move freely. These movements are an important part of any Yoga practice. There are some basic yoga Asanas, Pranayamas and hand gestures that enhance blood circulation to the scalp, improve digestion, as well as reduce stress and anxiety levels in the mind –Some of the main causes of hair loss and scalp imbalances. These methods also improve oxygen consumption by the cells of the scalp and supply necessary nutrients to the scalp.

To further protect your hair and scalp from, wear a well-fitting swim cap [we don’t want it tight because tightness restricts blood flow, plus most caps will not keep the water completely out] while swimming to protect hair from too much chlorine exposure. Ideally you wet your hair before entering the chlorinated pool with less chlorinated tap water. Once the hair is already wet it will absorb less pool water.

You also want to make sure that you don’t brush your hair when it’s wet since it’s one of the biggest cause of breakage and loss of elasticity. [the biggest cause of breakage are chemicals] and to not wash it every day, since it dries out and strips away the natural oils from the hair. Finally, to promote scalp health, make your scalp your main aim, when shampooing apply shampoo directly onto your scalp; and whenever possible, you can massage some hair oils, like the Morroco Method Euro Oil, to give a boost in scalp moisture that will be reflected on every hair strand.


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