Can Surgeries and Stress Make My Hair Fall Out?


“Hi Anthony,

In May, 5 weeks after our horse coliced, my intestine twisted. I required over three surgeries over the next 4 months. After the final surgery at the end of August, my hair began to fall out by the handful. I feel anesthesia interrupted the growth cycle. I had my hair cut on the fall equinox to release all the energy from the surgeries. What would be the best way to support the regrowth and thickening? I have used your shampoos, face scrub, henna, and euro oil over the years and love your company! Does the hair loss have a deeper meaning? Was it shedding what needed to go from the experience? Thank you for your reply



Anthony’s Answer:

Dear Kristy,

Thanks for the email question and concerns:
Sorry to hear of these unexpected situations, but there were too many surgeries  in a short period of time.  The surgeries added emotional stress and your horse added more energy loss to the surgeries as well so sorry to hear this. Not your doing, but there are times when the law of attraction just brings to many situations together at once:
Yes, this type of multiple stress can seriously cause hair thinning and fall out. OF COURSE with this amount of anesthesia this will accelerate hair fall out as well along with the stress of surgery in and of itself.That was the most intelligence decision to have your hair cut short on the fall equinox to release the trauma and stress a very good insight on your part:
You are doing all the right things and your being challenged in multi ways by sheer situations above and beyond your choices.
The best ways to support regrowth and thickening is brushing and scalp massaging as prescribed by our literature and video’s a great way to get more blood and air circulation:
and using MM products to avoid any other stress is by far a very good healing process;
Hair loss does have a deeper meaning but in your situation its very obvious from three surgeries and the added chemical anesthesia caused more stress
and its normal for hair to shed and keep falling out with the added surgeries, chemicals and stress. Yes, it was shedding from all of these continue experiences
a very natural process as the hair was not able at the time to continue to grow hair but rather shed more hair to release energy rather then try and grow more hair.
Suggest to have a lighter diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables and very light on meats and even foul the lighter the diet the quicker the recovery process:
Plenty of gentle exercises walking perhaps 30 minutes twice or 3 times daily along with light stretches like mild yoga or the like:
allowing the body rest to regain its strength and meditation and breathing would be great
suggest Dr Andrew Weil cd’s on BREATHING & MEDITATION both excellent ways to rebuild energies breathing exercises for me are the ultimate strength boosters:
Cutting the hair when needed on Full Moon Lunar dates
Connect with me any time for any questions or concerns and thanks for being a loyal customer of MM we truly appreciate your support of all things truly natural.

wishing you Great Health Wealth Happiness Time and Success in all that you do
Anthony Morrocco