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Book 1: Chapter 1

Antonio’s Evolution and The Birth of Morrocco Hair Revolution   I can recall the first time my soul awakened. I was maybe three or four years old. Certainly, long before going to kindergarten. On that day, I went down the street and across the road—I don’t know how I got there all by myself—to a […]

Book 1: Chapter 2

Morrocco Method Henna: Hair Color to Dye For Since the moment of my awakening at the tender age of three, colors have fascinated me. Sitting atop my little mound, feeling like I was at the center of the universe, I saw the very life essence of color-infused blades of grass and flowers. It shimmered, vibrant […]

Book 1: Chapter 3

Detoxification and Morrocco Method: Zen Detox Hair and Scalp Therapy   As a hair shaman, I think one of the greatest stories ever told about our Crowning Glory and its magic, mystery and power is the Biblical story of Samson. Most theologians and philosophers miss the deeper meaning of the Biblical reference to Samson’s hair […]

Book 1: Chapter 4

Hair Brushing and Scalp Massage Probably one of the most hauntingly alluring images on the silver screen, at least in my eyes, is watching a woman—usually the film’s star or heroine—sitting at her dressing table, brushing her hair. This is never a neutral or ambivalent statement in the plot. It may be seduction, sometimes self-absorption, […]

Book 1: Chapter 5

Morrocco Method as Described by the Hair Shaman Good nutrition comes as second nature to most people these days. Shoppers concerned about their health look for natural ingredients. Organic vitamin and mineral supplements line health food store shelves; gym memberships are on the rise. People know that it takes not only quality nutrition and exercise […]

Book 1: Chapter 6

Spokes in the Wheel—Total Vitality and Great Hair   Our entire universe is pulsing with vital energy—chi. When the whole body and mind are tuned and opened to this chi, we feel a tingling from the tips of our toes to the top of our head. In those moments, we can actually feel our hair […]

Book 1: Chapter 7

The Five Elements—Foundation of the Awaken Your Roots The idea of the elements has been part of our psyche, our hopes and dreams over the centuries. Through experience with both the natural world and the imaginal world that pierces the veil of our three-dimensional reality, we’ve created myths, archetypes, philosophies, religions and lore replete with […]

Book 1: Chapter 8

Shampooing with the Five Elements Your hair’s appearance makes an immediate and lasting impression. Hair is everyone’s most notable feature, our Crowning Glory. For icons of the silver screen, it’s been taken to such absurd levels that even after battle scenes or near disasters in wind and rain, stars often emerge with crumpled clothes, but […]

Book 1: Chapter 9

Customizing your Haircuts Using Morrocco Method Lunar Chart   People from countries with cultures rooted in the natural cycles of the moon and seasons are astonished at our habit of having haircuts without regard to the lunar phase. To them, we might as well be planting seeds in the winter and expecting a bountiful harvest. […]