Book 1: Chapter 3

Detoxification and Morrocco Method: Zen Detox Hair and Scalp Therapy


As a hair shaman, I think one of the greatest stories ever told about our Crowning Glory and its magic, mystery and power is the Biblical story of Samson.

Most theologians and philosophers miss the deeper meaning of the Biblical reference to Samson’s hair as his link to the Divine and personal source of strength. But it’s so obvious, shouting loud and clear to those willing to explore the intriguing layers of meaning and information. The story of Samson’s Crowning Glory is just too important to be swept aside, because it also reveals one of the most important requirements of perfect health and great looking hair: detoxification.

According to the Bible, Samson’s Crowning Glory was of uncommon beauty, yet also masculine and powerful. And like my vision of the grass on the mound of my youth, not only was his Crowning Glory striking to behold, it was also his source of universal power, connecting him to the Divine. The Bible specifically states that because Samson was special unto God, no hair on his head had ever been cut. And by virtue of his extraordinary hair, Samson received the chi through the crown chakra, transforming physical energy into his legendary strength.


But sometimes we are just too handsome for our own good! We get careless and forget how the Five Elements in nature support strength and our connection to the Divine; we ignore the need to take special care of our gifts. And that’s precisely what happened to Samson. In his vanity and pride, he didn’t fully appreciate what God had given him. He became careless with his secret, the source of great power—his Crowning Glory. Enter Delilah.


The Bible hands Delilah a bad reputation. She was a temptress, daughter of evil Philistines, a sworn enemy of the Israelites. Even her name means “weak.” She was sent to beguile Samson, to render him powerless. And that’s exactly what she did. Even though Samson mocked her and initially played hard to get, Delilah persisted. She wooed him night after night. We see a great interplay and exchange between the masculine and feminine powers as our hero and heroine become closer. Then, through Samson’s hair, his crown chakra, Delilah was able to take full control of her lover. Ultimately, though, she only accomplishes a betrayal of both Samson and herself.


All shamans know there are some secrets that should never be divulged. It’s not to be miserly or to wield special power over others, but rather because the enlightened realized certain secrets need to be passed on properly, and only to people who fully understand how to use them in ways they were intended. In the wrong hands, such secrets can go off like nuclear bombs. When Anthony received his first shamanic teaching from his Brazilian friend at  Kenneth’s, he was sworn to secrecy. He has honored that promise to her to this very day.

Samson knew one of those secrets because through his Crowning Glory he had a special connection to God and the Divine. But one night, in expressing love and loyalty to Delilah, he unwisely gave away this precious knowledge.


The Bible says that Delilah was the cause of Samson’s downfall. But what actually made Samson vulnerable to her charms and guile was his own pride, leading to a ruinous disregard for the magic and mystery of his Crowning Glory and the connection it forged between him and God. During those extravagant nights with Delilah, he ate and drank until he was delirious and out of control. He let go of the magic, mystery and power of what should have been cherished and kept secret. As a result, Delilah had no problem cutting off his Crowning Glory. Without it, Samson lost his strength and became powerless.


But consider this: what if Delilah in fact did him a favor? With such pride and toxic emotions, Samson had become overly full of himself. If he was ever going to reclaim his connection to the Divine, something had to give. Delilah therefore unwittingly did him a kindness in the end because by shaving his head, she got rid of the history his hair had stored. In essence, she detoxified him—and made him open and available for new Divine energy to flow in.

The Philistines soon made Samson a slave. He ate very little (virtually fasting) and did hard, physical labor, sweating a lot. During this detox process, the Bible relates that Philistines did not pay attention to anything regarding their captive. Samson’s Crowning Glory started to grow back! With a new head of hair and his mind and body freed of toxins, Samson reconnected with the Divine. Slowly but surely, the new non-toxic Samson emerged, with his revitalized and purified Crowning Glory—even more powerful than before.


Not only does the Bible give us our first great story of detoxification, it also imparts the first revelation in Western literature of the importance of our Crowning Glory. This appreciation was unmistakable in the hands of masterful barbers I visited all throughout the small villages of Europe.