Book 1: Chapter 4

Hair Brushing and Scalp Massage

Probably one of the most hauntingly alluring images on the silver screen, at least in my eyes, is watching a woman—usually the film’s star or heroine—sitting at her dressing table, brushing her hair. This is never a neutral or ambivalent statement in the plot. It may be seduction, sometimes self-absorption, other times independence. In any case, our leading lady is telling us that she’s her own woman and she cares about herself.


Then there are other heroines who sit before the mirror to have their hair adoringly brushed out by someone else: a lover, mother, sister or servant. Is she privileged, spoiled, adored or all three? In my mind, such images have not always served us well. Within families and those with close bonds, such moments are, indeed, endearing. But I also feel they have artificially created an inflated need for hair parlors and salons. This doesn’t mean I’m totally against such establishments. But why not have the fuller pleasure of becoming master of your own Crowning Glory?


If hairdressers don’t respect the lunar cycle and just cut your hair willy-nilly, and if they apply all sorts of poisonous potions with fancy names to your hair and scalp, they are ruining your health. You’re much better off staying at home and “awakening your roots” by following the steps and techniques I share with you, here in this book.


Whether you brush your own hair or are groomed by another, the act of stroking and preening your locks conveys a powerful intimacy of self-gratification or caring for someone else. If this were not the case, an image of hair being brushed or styled would carry no weight in our minds; no director would waste film footage or stage business on such display.


But for me, the impact of viewing these images pales in comparison to witnessing the acts of animals grooming and preening in the wilds of Nature. In fact, the entire basis of my hair brushing ritual did not come from watching silver screen icons or even seeing my own mother or grandmother do their hair. Rather, my inspiration came from watching swans.


On my many adventures in the British Isles, I spent time in the Cotswolds, near

Stratfordupon-Avon, the home of William Shakespeare. It was there, beside the peaceful shores of the River Avon that I spent hours watching Her Majesty’s birds—the Queen’s Royal Swans. For many cultures, swans are the most regal of birds, and in the British Isles, the Royal Swans are under direct protection of the royal sovereign. It makes perfect sense: Royalty always champions royalty.


Just as when I was a child regaling in Nature, I let my eyes feast on these beautiful creatures as they groomed and freshened themselves. Swans, like all other water birds, preen themselves with their natural oils. They bring their heads to their backs and place their beaks into the tail area where their oil pot is. With beaks coated, they spread their wings, meticulously patting and smoothing their Elixir Oils over each feather for protection, health and conditioning. Following the swans’ example, I teach my clients (as you’ll learn) to brush hair in a way that distributes their natural oils to coat each strand for protection and health.


Watching the preening and grooming ritual of these majestic beauties, it came to me that just like the swans, if we are to properly nourish our hair with natural oils we’re born with, we need to brush our hair in a very similar manner. In these matters, Nature is never wrong. I encourage one and all to re-direct their eyes, ears, noses, taste buds, fingertips and minds away from the drone of industry and advertising media to listen to simple, elegant, glorious Nature. I emphasize in particular the beauty and magic of grooming ourselves as Nature intended. This is what I share with you here.


Brushing hair properly is one of the most important elements in the maintenance and rejuvenation of your hair, especially when combined with informed scalp massage. It is second only to proper diet and use of wild-crafted, holistic, raw and vegan Morrocco Method Hair Care products.


Daily brushing of your hair and scalp is far more cleansing than any commercial, artificial shampoo. Brushing eliminates waste materials—deposits of uric acid crystals, catarrh and other impurities that build up and become encrusted on the scalp. Brushing also stimulates the capillaries, increasing blood circulation and transport of oxygen and nutrients to the hair stem, root and bulb. Most importantly, daily brushing revs up hormone- and oil-producing glands, which keep the pores of your hair and scalp open, allowing them to breathe and retain their natural oils.


Hair loss problems can almost always be traced to sebaceous glands—the natural oil producing and lubricating system of your hair. If these glands are out of balance, they will either over- or under-produce sebum—the natural fatty oils that deliver nutrients to your hair. When they overproduce, hair follicles drown in their own sebum, which interferes with nourishment of the roots. The scalp is then weakened, and hair begins to fall out. When the sebaceous glands under-produce sebum, hair roots and follicles become undernourished, causing hair to become dry, brittle and eventually fall out.


Often, it’s the foreign matter from commercial mousse, gel, hair spray or non-natural shampoo and conditioner that clogs the pores and follicles of the scalp as well. These dangerous chemicals not only interfere with nourishment to the roots, they also disrupt natural hair growth patterns by disorienting the sebaceous glands, that regulate fall-out and reproductive cycle of the hair. These chemicals are additionally ingested into the bloodstream, frequently causing many other health problems.


Brushing is an excellent way to prevent these kinds of problems. Proper brushing and scalp massage, when used in conjunction with nature-based, holistic shampoos, helps bring sebaceous glands into balance by cleansing the scalp and stimulating capillaries. This ensures a steady, nourishing blood flow to the follicles. Scalp massage can also help with healthy hair growth. Visit Hair Loss Revolution for more information.


Because of its cleansing effect on hair and scalp, brushing is actually a form of dry shampooing. When done correctly, it’s also an excellent, natural conditioner. By stimulating sebaceous glands, brushing helps distribute sebum throughout the hair and scalp, adding strength, resilience and manageability to each strand. By coating the hair with sebum, brushing helps prevent excessive evaporation of moisture, giving your hair more natural sheen, body and texture. So remember the Queen’s Royal Swans!


Anthony’s hair brushing ritual always starts with the right tool … Morrocco Method International high quality, natural boar bristle brushes! There’s always a proper tool for each job. In the case of hair brushing, using the proper brush is just as important as properly brushing your hair. A natural bristle brush is the best one to use, and boar bristles are ideal because they most resemble human hair in texture. They’re also gentle and undamaging to your hair, evenly distributing your natural oils while absorbing excess oil and removing foreign matter.


Just as I have spent years researching and finding the finest ingredients for all of my hair care products, I traveled the world to find the ultimate brushes to be offered by Morrocco Method International.


The natural boar bristle brushes designed for Morrocco Method International use two types of bristles from boars bred and raised in Europe under humane conditions, which is in keeping with one of our key promises to you: to deliver the finest all-natural, cruelty-free products. We have two types of brushes: standard black boar bristle brush and natural black boar bristle mixed with nylon. The standard black boar bristle brush is specially designed to be able to brush sensitive to normal hair, and is one of the most popular styles around the world for classic and healthy hair styling. The combination of black boar bristles and a single nylon fiber is best for normal to thick, coarse hair.


Our brushes have a unique, pneumatic rubber cushion which allows the bristles to adjust to the contour of your scalp without pulling or breaking your hair, hence providing maximum stimulation without irritating the scalp. Both bristle styles come with an oval-shaped plastic handle in either standard size or the smaller travel size which fits into purse or pocket.


“I just want to thank you for my new hair brushes. They are fantastic, I am addicted to brushing my hair and it is looking glorious! Thanks also for the sample bottles of shampoo, they are terrific too.” – Gail, Australia


“I have been using your products for several months now and I am happy to report that I love them all. The Brush has made my hair come to life again. Thank you for your wonderful products – please keep up the good work!” – Ann