Book 1: Chapter 6

Spokes in the Wheel—Total Vitality and Great Hair


Our entire universe is pulsing with vital energy—chi. When the whole body and mind are tuned and opened to this chi, we feel a tingling from the tips of our toes to the top of our head. In those moments, we can actually feel our hair standing on end. In fact, some traditions use the metaphor of people being so alive and inspired that their hair is on fire!

Just as this chi enters the leaves of a plant or tree and then courses down branches, trunk and into roots, this vital energy descends from ethers and enters humans through five different types of hair on our body. First and foremost, it enters through our crown chakra, stimulating the brain and highest sensitivities, then makes its way through the baser levels of body and mind.

To fully benefit from the chi energy, it’s necessary to understand the five different types of hair we have and their function:

  1. The hair on our heads is our crown chakra, which is the most sensitive and receptive to chi, producing the most energy and heat.


  1. The chi energies of the eyelashes and eyebrows are very subtle and linked to intuition, feelings and emotions.


  1. Facial hair and beards are the third type of body hair. Just as men don’t start growing facial hair until puberty, the energies here are associated with maturity. They also are fine and subtle, and we learn to truly understand them with growth and experience. Women increasingly grow facial hair as they achieve Elderhood.


  1. The energies of body hair, like the grass and coverings of Earth, are massive. They span large, broad areas of our understanding of the world. Think about what happens when your hair stands on end—this is a phenomenon that raises your energy and heightens your senses in a “fight or flight” response.


  1. Finally, there is pubic hair, relating to your most magical and in-tune energies. They translate coarse energy into those rare, spiritual feelings and experiences and make us feel connected to the Universe!


The hair on your head, your Crowning Glory, is so much more than just a covering for your scalp and brain, stressing how important it is to fully appreciate this. Like millions of antennae, your hair picks up subtle life force energy, chi , from the universe. It’s the very first place where chi touches all of us.


If our hair is kept clean and in good condition, an optimal chi signal and quality of vibration are picked up. This means we feel better overall, with energy to spare. Think of animals in Nature, after they’ve bathed or cleaned their hair or fur. They shake themselves off. Sometimes they even dance! They feel and act more alive. Think of how invigorated you feel as the wind tosses your fresh, clean hair. Conversely, on a “bad hair day”—beyond not looking the way you want—don’t you notice feeling out of sorts, maybe distracted or even disconnected from the world around you?


So, how do we give our hair the optimum potential to support our connection with the universe and with joy, passion … even our life purpose?

I want to give you an outline of all the points of great hair care, which I’ll elaborate on in the following chapters. I call these six my “Spokes in the Wheel.”


  1. Haircutting, Shaping and Natural Styling Techniques

It’s essential to follow the Morrocco Method Lunar Cycle haircutting chart, which indicates clearly the best days each month to trim your hair for desired results. See the five objectives and optimal days to achieve them, along with other great resources on our website:


  1. Products for your Personal Best Hair Care

Choose the 100% naturally-sourced and wild-crafted shampoos, conditioners, plant-based henna hair color and elixirs produced by Morrocco Method International, in accordance with Fair Trade guidelines.


  1. Proper brushing of your Crowning Glory

Use Morrocco Method’s natural black boar bristle brush for normal or sensitive scalps and do a daily scalp massage using our deluxe size natural rubber scalp massager.


  1. Diet

Eat seasonal, healthy food. Like skin, hair is pure protein and will mirror exactly what you eat: live, vital food creates live, radiant hair. Nutrient-depleted, overly-processed food creates dead, listless hair.


  1. Regular exercise

I don’t discuss exercise at length here, because I’m sure you already know regular exercise is crucial for good health. Any focused movement that stimulates your blood and lymph system is excellent, such as walking, yoga, qigong or tai chi. Simply taking a 30-minute walk daily or joining an exercise class is beneficial. Find an activity you enjoy doing every day for at least half an hour. If done with a positive, forward attitude, just this amount will suffice. If you can do more, all the better, but stressing out or pushing yourself too hard are to be avoided.


Following the Morrocco Method, you’ll cut your hair according to the lunar cycle, use the products, brush your hair, massage your scalp, eat well and exercise every day.


You maximize Morrocco Method’s rewards by paying attention to your diet, your activity level and what you choose to put on your hair and body. Since we’re all creatures of habit, it’s best to set a good daily routine and make it automatic. Yes, some of these suggestions may be difficult at first, but that’s only because you’re trying to replace old habits with better ones. Be diligent and it does get easier—and your hair will respond beautifully. No doubt you’ve already tackled goals that required you to persevere through initial set-backs or frustration, whether it was understanding computers or learning a language or resolving a family dispute. But by figuring out your best strategy and sticking to it, you scored a victory. Which brings us to the final Spoke in the Wheel…


  1. A Positive Attitude

This is the last, but probably most important Spoke. Don’t waste one more ounce of your precious energy on past history, including hair problems. You’ll find that having an optimistic outlook makes it easier to follow habits of a healthy lifestyle—and the resulting health and vitality make it easier to maintain a positive attitude! So take a deep, calming breath in the here and now. Life is possibility.


If you want to see change in your life and a spectacular transformation in your hair, start with a sincerely positive attitude. Visualize the winning end result, picture in your mind that what you want has already happened. Believe that here and now you are living a life t hat’s radiant and happy. You’re living your passion, your bliss and you’re so excited to wake up and get out of bed every morning. You have a kind word for everyone. And, your hair is thicker, more luxurious and radiant than you’ve ever imagined. It truly is Awakening Your Roots!


The “Spokes in the Wheel” of my Morrocco Method come from a hair care lineage that’s thousands of years old. The methods that people all over the world have devised and followed for centuries are just as effective today. As you read or listen on and start applying the Spokes to your life, you’ll experience how each one contributes not only to healthy, vibrant hair, but also gives you a healthier, more vibrant life.


“I was so depressed because life was going all downhill with my hair. My hair was thinning; I would wake up in the morning and find more and more hair on my pillow every morning, not to mention in the shower. I didn’t believe anything could really help me and I was fearful that I would one day soon be forced to wear a wig. I was skeptical when I was first told about the  Morrocco Method, but what an incredible transformation I have experienced since then! My hair is now healthy and vibrant and my life feels full and worthwhile again. I never realized the power of beautiful, healthy hair and what a change it can make in your life.” – Cindy Gregory


“When I first heard of the Morrocco Method, I was skeptical. But what intrigued me was the idea that our hair is alive, just as the trees and grass and all of nature. As we are part of this unit of all life, just as our hair and its growth are governed by these laws.


“So I tried it. Within two months I saw new growth. The quality and texture of my hair improved greatly. My hair ceased to fall out. It has now been ten months and people are even saying, “You got more hair! What are you doing?” So I tell them about the Morrocco Method hair care products and its truly natural approach to hair thinning.” – John P. Ryan of Los Angeles, California