Book 1: Chapter 5

Morrocco Method as Described by the Hair Shaman

Good nutrition comes as second nature to most people these days. Shoppers concerned about their health look for natural ingredients. Organic vitamin and mineral supplements line health food store shelves; gym memberships are on the rise. People know that it takes not only quality nutrition and exercise to be in tip-top shape, but also total and consistent effort to achieve sustained well-being: a holistic approach. Feeling good equals looking good. But often the area that people overlook when it comes to using natural products is the one part of the body that is always on display: our Crowning Glory—our hair.


In most professional salons, stylists use anything but raw, nature-based, wholesome hair care. Instead, chemicals are applied to straighten hair, lighten, darken or produce curls in it. Hairdressers must wear gloves to protect themselves from noxious ingredients when working on their clients. Over time, these harsh treatments strip hair of vital nutrients, leaving it lifeless, dry and thrashed, not to mention unhealthy. Eventually, the same effects will manifest within the client! How could it be otherwise, with such toxins penetrating their scalp, so close to the brain?


As you learned in my story, it wasn’t always this way. For centuries, before the advent of modern hair care as we know it, only natural products were used. In fact, a totally holistic approach was the norm when village barbers and indigenous peoples of South America cut hair according to phases of the moon. I witnessed this in my three Brazilian clients who all had the most incredible hair. Working with them awakened me to my earliest sensibilities; they inspired me to travel and study natural methods for over forty years and conduct intensive research into Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and homeopathy, as well as acquiring up-to-date scientific knowledge on hair care courtesy of my time at Kenneth’s. Thus, Morrocco Method set new standards in the marketplace of fine hair care. It needs none of the usual advertising hype, is promoted almost exclusively on the internet at


I believe the most beautiful thing in the world is a head of luxurious natural hair—devoid of any artifice. But to accomplish this—to truly create a brilliant, vital head of hair—we need to abandon the mass-marketing consumer machine hawking chemicals, additives and a host of other poisons, for a balanced, gentle system of natural hair care that nourishes and rejuvenates hair and scalp. Morrocco Method hair care combines the Five Elements of ancient philosophy with time tested knowledge of cutting and caring for hair based on phases of the moon.


Over the years I’ve been able to prove to thousands of people that a five-element approach to hair care, following our cutting and grooming techniques, using Morrocco Method’s exceptional raw, wild-crafted and vegan products will result in thicker, more lustrous hair. Morrocco Method International has proven it’s possible to unite modern scientific knowledge with ancient cultural wisdom to create healthy shampoos and conditioners made only of nature’s purest potent minerals, plants and herbs. Moreover, our products are not only free of health-threatening side effects, they are also completely hypoallergenic for even the most sensitive individual.


In taking such a stance, using both ancient and modern knowledge as the backbone of Morrocco Method International and Awaken Your Roots, I promote holistic hair care as an integral piece of the entire holistic pie along with a good diet, exercise and positive attitude, habits and rituals. The five types of hair on our body matter—more than you think!  And the most prominent of these, our Crowning Glory, is very subtle, but powerful as a key indicator of health and growth.


It is my enthusiastic goal to show you why holistic hair care is so important and how to achieve natural, luxurious hair. For beyond just hair and scalp, Awaken Your Roots expands to the mind and spirit.


“After going through chemotherapy, my doctors were amazed that I did not lose any hair! I know it’s because of using Morrocco Method shampoos and conditioners. No hair loss and still looking great! My hair was so thin and now it’s so thick. I’m convinced it’s Morrocco Method!” –

Gloria Hahne of Phoenix, Arizona

“The first time I used the Morrocco Method I was amazed at how fast it worked and the difference was immediate. It shined! More volume! A huge difference and it combed better. All

[other]cream rinses are too soft and leave hair limp and lifeless. It’s perfect! I’m very impressed!” – Connie of Laguna Niguel, California