What can I do to bring my hair back to its once glorious state?


“Dear Anthony,
On March 16, 2016, my hair dresser gave me a shocking hair cut. My thick, long hair was cut to half its length and thickness. I have been depressed for the past year over the loss. It has hardly grown since then. What can I do to bring my hair back to its once glorious state? I live in Hawaii. I am so happy I found you.


Anthony’s Answer:

Aloha Christy,

Thank you for reaching out. As you write yourself, your hair has been shocked and it is still in shock. When we talk about shocking the roots to stimulate growth we use the word in the meaning of stimulation. What happened to your hair is that it was shocked into state of paralysis. I suggest that you gently stimulate your hair back to its full strength and potential by brushing, massaging, and even talking to it.

Even if cutting your hair again right now might be the last thing you would want to do, until you cut your hair again, the energy of the previous traumatic haircut still stays in the hair. I suggest you follow the lunar hair cutting cycle and blunt snip cut the very tips of your hair after combing each strand and with every snip release the memory of the last haircut.
Our most healing products are the elixirs. The shampoos and conditioners the regular foundation for healthy, happy hair.
Good Health / Happiness / Strengths & Healings
Anthony Morrocco