A hair dye is making my hair shed, what should I do?


“Hello Anthony,

I had a head full of healthy hair.  It was a magical color….sparkling silver.  I chose to color it using Herbatint Hair Color and it is not a dark brown.  It looks really nice and has taken years off my appearance.  Every since I have been using this product I have noticed that my hair has been breaking off.  When I wash my hair after doing the procedure long strands come out.  There is a lot of breakage…yet it is still long. The breakage is mostly in the top and the sides of my head.  It seems to eat oil as I have been using an oil that has lots of herbs in it and it contains moringa also. I also use a moisturizer.

Moreover, I have been having pain in my shoulders that has started getting to me and I have been wondering if I have a magnesium deficiency in my body.  Next month, I am going to have my doctor run some tests.

Can you recommend a product(s) of yours that will stop my hair from shedding.

Thank you,



Anthony’s Answer:

Dear Isabella,

First of all,  herbatint has many chemicals in their formula and recommend you read the entire ingredient list.

I suggest you use only a 100% natural henna such as MM or find another but 100% henna.
Obviously, your hair now has build up a immunity against the chemicals and your hair is drying and breaking due to TOXIC chemicals in this product. Also, if your using any other chemical hair care suggest you change to a 100% natural hair care.

2nd part:Shoulder pain
My strong suggestion is to find a BASIC Yoga class and a good gentle instructor  not a fast nor hard yoga class, but a beginning baby gently class yoga only and learn how to breathe and stretch.

last :
I cannot suggest one product to reverse all this damage at once:
I suggest you watch our videos / get educated / and read our literature its free and we are a educational method, then  change to a 100% all natural hair care and throw away all your toxic chemical hair care products.

Healthy Holidays
Anthony Morrocco

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  1. Isabella
    Isabella says:

    Hello Anthony…and thanks for your expedient reply. Given the information you advised. I would like to know how long I should wait before I try using henna and also what shampoo and conditioner (all MM of course) you would advise at this time during my hair loss. I really don’t want to put that Herbatint in my hair again. I am looking forward to seeing your response as my roots are turning silver again….

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