When is the best time to cut my hair on Lunar cutting days?


“Hello Anthony,

I am from KSA I want to ask when the best time to cut my hair in the cutting day? For example, tomorrow is my cutting day in which hour I have to cut? The sunshine start in 6:45 do I cut before or after it? When the moon is still or when the moon is gone completely? I hope you understand me and sorry for my bad english, I’m still learning.

Thank you,



Anthony’s Answer:

Dear Asmma,

AFTER you cut your hair and after the sunrise is up at least 3 hours.
You will have the entire day to cut as its a 24 hour window.

The moon is always there its just our sunrise and sunset that we don’t see her, but she is there 24 / 7.

Healthy Holidays
Anthony Morrocco