My hairs are still very tangly, I’ve tried everything!


“Hi Anthony,
I have been using morocco method for several months now. My hairs are still very tangly and I also have been rinsing with apple cider vinegar. I have the heavenly and sea essence with the cream rinse zen detox and I also purchased the curl power which i absolutely hate… it just tangles my hair more and also makes it so greasy it takes at least a week to get it out.

I have a couple things going on:
curly long dry hair which is falling out hashimotos neck injury where my C1-C3 slip and slide across the spinal column so combing out tangly hair is very challenging. I am almost to the point of giving up on these amazing products. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Thanks so much,


Anthony’s Answer:

Dear Sue,

First of all, you want to cut your split ends off regularly. I suggest doing this on a lunar hair cutting date and start with cutting off about 1/2 inch.

Then each month if you have long hair cut off about 1/4 in for 3 months once per month. Also, you must trim your ends once per season:  Split ends are just the end result of dry hair

and dry hair causes entanglement. Curl Power is the only natural hair relaxer known all others are definitely very harmful and toxic chemicals:

If your hair turns out to be greasy, then perhaps you use a bit too much of it.  Also, you simply want to do the zen detox. Each box will provide 3 treatments for medium hair lengths.

Do one per month for 3 months. Also, you want to brush and scalp massage for more air and blood circulation and we realize that your hair is tangling and messy due to its dryness and your split ends. In order to nurture the hair back to health, use a drop of Euroorganic oil and apply it into the ends only.

Let us know in two weeks after trimming ends how things are progressing.

Wishing you Great Health Happiness  and Luxurious Hair

Good Health / Happiness / Strengths & Healings
Anthony Morrocco

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  1. Sue
    Sue says:

    Hey Anthony!

    thanks for the help… my hairs are feeling a bit better with the trim, not as many tangles for sure, and i have been using the zen detox and Euroorangic oil as well.

    however the hairs falling out is not much better. and i know it is because of my thyroid issue (hashimoto’s).

    if you have had any experience with others who have this thyroid issue i would greatly appreciate your input.

    i am eating properly and was diagnosed in 2014…

    thanks in advance

    • morroccomethod
      morroccomethod says:

      Dear Sue,

      We understand that Hashimoto’s thyroiditis as well as hyperthyroidism and the medications trying to regulate these conditions can contribute to hair thinning.
      If the medication or the condition is individually regulated, the hair thinning may stop.
      We would like to encourage you to keep looking for answers and healing for your thyroid and wish you good luck.

      Wishing you good Chi Energies Health Happiness Healing Strengths

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