I need help interpreting the Lunar Chart in Uganda!



“Hi Anthony,

I am having problems interpreting the chart. I live in Uganda, but I am also in the US (Atlanta, Georgia) part of the time. I don’t know which hemisphere I should be following. Also, I am interested in natural wave and root work



Anthony’s Answer:

Dear Debra,

When you reside in the US, you can use the US Chart from 6 am until 6 pm. When you are in Uganda use the European Chart as the time difference is just off by one hour. We calculated it for the time from 6am-6pm, so to be exact you can get your hair cut between 7 am and 7 pm in Uganda. Please check out Sea Essence Shampoo & Euro Oil for root work and Blood of the Dragon Styling Gel for natural wave help.

Wishing you Great Health Happiness  and Luxurious Hair

Good Health / Happiness / Strengths & Healings
Anthony Morrocco


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  1. lulu
    lulu says:

    Tell me this is the correct interpretation if I want long hair the best days are 6,7,8 of April root work 12,13, strengthen 16,17, thicken 28,29,30

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