What should I do to heal and strengthen my scalp and roots again?


“Hi Anthony,

After using only Morrocco Method products for about three months, my dermatologist put me on a three week regime Fluorouracil to combat a large number of pre-cancerous lesions on my scalp. When I’m done with that what should I do to both heal and strengthen my scalp and roots again? Zen Detox? Back to the gold and silver elixirs?

Thanks for your help,


Anthony’s Answer:

Dear Phyllis,

Yes, you have very good intuition. Good choice, use Zen Detox once per week for 3 weeks then do once per month for 3 months for a very deep detox and use the God/Goddess elixirs as prescribed there are 4 so alternate as directed. Use in good health and good Chi energies keep us updated as to your progress or for any concerns you may have.
Wishing you Great Health Happiness  and Luxurious Hair

Good Health / Happiness / Strengths & Healings
Anthony Morrocco

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  1. Phyllis W.
    Phyllis W. says:

    Thanks for the confirmation of what I thought was right. The Zen detox should help get my poor abused scalp back to normal so the elixirs can work their magic. Your products have made an amazing improvement in my hair, and I’m eager to get back to getting even better with each use.

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