My hair is fine and thin. How do I make it thicker?


“Hi Anthony!

My hair is really fine and thin. Since discovering your body of work I’ve actually been able to grow it out without having it become broken and brittle, (thank you!), but the thinness of it is really hard for me and I don’t know what to do. As an acupuncturist, I’ve diagnosed myself with blood deficiency. My thyroid function is normal. I’ve never had really thick hair, and when I was young my mom always did “hair treatments” on me, because it was thin. But looking back on photos, it was really pretty up until the past 10 years when it’s become worse and worse, I’m 37. Do you have any advice? Is there an elixir that would specifically help my problem? I have cut it on strengthening and thickening days.

Thank you!!!!!


Anthony’s Answer:


Hi Kindra,

Thank you for your email.
In regards to thickening your hair, we recommend:

1. When you get your hair cut or cut it yourself you take extreme small sections of hair, 1/4 of an inch or less  and blunt-snip the ends. Depending on the length of your hair over a period of time, about half a year for short, one year for medium and up to two or more years for long hair your hair will thicken as a result of this technique.

2. The product, which will add instant volume is our Sapphire Volumizer Mist. From our five shampoos, which are all great for the health of your scalp, the Sea Essence will be the most nurturing and the Earth Essence Shampoo the most volumizing.

3. In regards to your medical diagnosis and situation, we are of course not a liberty to make any suggestions. However, we have found that iron-deficiency is indeed a major factor in hair thinning and loss. Consuming more iron in the form of leafy vegetables, apricots, raisins or red meats is one option. One of our hair experts recommends the liquid iron formula Floradix. Again, this is without any promises or guarantees.

Keep us posted, wishing you the best for your hair,
Wishing you Great Health Happiness  and Luxurious Hair

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Anthony Morrocco