Five Types of Hair

5 Types of Hair

.Scalp Hair – the hair on top of the head .

Element: Ether

Crown Chakra

.Fine Hair – the hair in the eye lashes, brow, nose, and ears.

Element: Air

Third Eye  Chakra

.Facial Hair – the hair on the face such as, beards and mustaches.

Element: Water

Throat  Chakra

.Pubic Hair – the hair on the pubic/genital region.

Element: Fire

Sacral Chakra

.Body Hair – the hair on the arms, armpits, legs and chest.

Element: Earth

Heart, Solar (Plexus), and Root Chakra

Five is a very powerful number in both nature and the human body. As an easy example there are five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot. Five elements in nature–fire, water, earth, wind, ether. There are also, of course, the five basic human senses.

There are actually five different types of hair–scalp, body, eyebrow, pubic, armpit–and each type of hair plays an important function for the body.