I shaved off all my hair, can that increase my Chi?


“Hello Anthony,

Last year, my boyfriend broke up with me, starting in the same month that I lost my job (April). I started a new job in November, after serving as a program assistant at a yoga retreat center during an intensive, immersion, month-long prana yoga teacher training program near Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica. I then started a new job in November of last year (5 days after returning from my long trip). This year, I got inspired by a student on the Yoga Teacher Training program who had a friend buzz off all of her hair the day after last year’s election, and I buzzed off my hair (at a salon that uses Intelligent Nutrients products) on 7/14. That date isn’t listed on this month’s lunar chart; does that mean it’s not auspicious at all? Since buzzing off my hair, I’ve gotten a LOT of compliments–even from strangers! I felt recently (even before reading your blogs and eBook) that my chi has been high. Could that be due to cutting off all of my colored hair, thus revealing my grey, natural, untreated hair? I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on it. It’s so fantastic, I’m thinking of keeping it this short for some time. So easy! Every day is a good hair day!

Thank you,


Anthony’s Answer:

Dear Denise,

Thanks for your updated adventures and concerns:
First of all, it sounds like you were in alignment for changes:  First your boyfriend broke off the relationship, then you broke off from your old job.
Sounds like a time for new beginnings and ending of relationships and situations that were not working for you, so timing is very critical with endings and beginnings:
Yes, the day you shaved your head was July 14th a good day for Pisces to see the best in a situation for Feminine mutable flowing energies.
Sounds like you removed your colored damaged chemical treated hair for a new beginning of healthy natural hair:  Yes, your CHI ENERGIES will soar from liberation from the past and creating new Energies for the present and  immediate future!
p.s. Check out our Lunar Calendar and use the elements of Strengthening / Beautifying / Root Work and alternate these days one per cut.
Sounds like a new Mantra Every Day is  a Good Hair Day:”

Bravo congratulations!

Good Health / Happiness / Strengths & Healings
Anthony Morrocco

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  1. Denise
    Denise says:

    Thank you, Anthony! Wow, a response from the Hair Shaman himself! Actually, I am a Leo, not a Pisces, and I lost my job first, and then the relationship. I appreciate your reply and am so glad that I cut my hair on an auspicious day for it! I got some more compliments today, and it’s been over 2 weeks! Can’t wait to receive the products.

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