Split ends everywhere, how do I stop this?


“Hello Anthony,

I’m a Caucasian female who uses no heat or color. I use a boar bristle brush from Morrocco Method and shampoo! Love it all! But I’m experiencing breakage(?) from the crown to the ends on every strand. It’s horrible and I have no idea what to do! Every strand the whole way down has these little off shoots coming out every where. What can I do? Please help!!!



Anthony’s Answer:

Hi Lisa,

Sounds as if you are describing your whole head of hair is consisting of split ends. How long is your hair? It is our experience that it is rarely every single hair split on a person’s head. Mostly, the hair, which grows out of the crown splits. This happens because it is exposed to sun, wind and covers the rest of the hair. It is also the hair subjected to hair ties and friction through head covers. I suggest to determine exactly where your hair which is splitting is coming from and then do a split-end hair repair through cutting them. Choose lunar days and if it is a lot do one section per week. Check our blog entry on split ends. Continue to care for your hair gently, washing the scalp rather than the hair. Use our oils for the ends to prevent further breakage. This will require effort but with time you should be able to eliminate the split ends.

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Anthony Morrocco