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Book 2: Chapter 1

The Universe Spoke – I Listened I’m Antonio and I want to share my story with you about becoming a Hair Shaman and my adventures of Hair Mastery for the past 75 years of Mystery & Magic. Together we will share our journey on the Road Less Traveled experiencing Freedom from the Known to the […]

Book 2: Chapter 2

Rock, Navy, Rock! Even as a kid, I was a willful little firecracker just waiting to explode out of my boring small town and see the world. The Mediterranean Sea and Italy were calling my name, loud and clear. There was rebellion in the air… and all of a sudden a frustrated young voice could […]

Book 2: Chapter 3

Freeze! You’re Under Arrest Finally, I got my duffle bag containing all my worldly belongings and walked to the bus depot to ride up to my now deserted barracks. I was so exhausted that once I got there, I went to my bunk and dropped my gear and my personnel papers. That’s right! The very […]

Book 2: Chapter 4

The Art of Staying ALIVE Marrakesh was going to be bursting with music and color, even beyond the gorgeous contrast of white architecture against the famously purple Atlas Mountain Range.  The one-time capital city would be alive with the lights, colors and sounds of the mythic Fantasia ritual, that continued to be performed there annually […]

Book 2: Chapter 5

Europe on One Dollar a Day Join the Navy and see the world. They weren’t kidding. Munich, Gibraltar, all European points were open to me and my fellow sailors. Back in the halcyon days of 1962, Uncle Sam was still walking tall and proud. He’d sent me and my fellow sailors under no less a […]

Book 2: Chapter 6

Arrivederci, Europa! Hello, America! I always considered a fellow traveler, civilian or military, as a kindred spirit; somebody who knew, as I did, that there were some things you just couldn’t find at home. Among those things were the wonders of Morocco, the Atlas Mountains, sights and experiences which changed my life forever. Morocco is […]

Book 2: Chapter 7

From Government Property to Freedom Port Lyautey Kenitra, Morocco, 1963 In my mind, I was already packed.  I was practically back home in Bristol, Connecticut, drinking Pabst Blue Ribbons with my buds at The Rustic Cameo Inn, checking out the new talents fresh from their high school graduations. However, I wasn’t there yet.  Even the […]

Book 2: Chapter 8

New York, New York… Waking Up in a City That Never Sleeps In Norfolk, Virginia, November, 1963, I was living in limbo. I’d been honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy, after serving three years in the Mediterranean during the Cuban crisis. I had full four-year credits as a kitty cruiser, which meant I’d enlisted at […]

Book 2: Chapter 9

Universe vs. The University In January of 1964, the Escape Artist had made his last great escape and cut loose of the United States Navy forever.  Even after leaving, I always remained grateful and always a member of the Navy at heart.  I would always carry the lessons and experiences I’d picked up in the […]