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Book 3: Chapter 1

New York in the ’60s The Big Apple has always had a unique kind of energy. You can feel it the moment you arrive, no matter who you are, or where you’ve come from. Fred Astaire got that part right. 1964 Has endured a rocky start for all of us. Our President had been assassinated, […]

Book 3: Chapter 2

Fire Island: The Bohemians and the Meatballs   Throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s Fire Island was a place unlike any other place in the world. There was a special kind of magic and mystery there. It was created by the mixture of white beach sand, bottles of champagne, cocktails, art, avante-garde people, and wild imagination. […]

Book 3: Chapter 3

European Craftsmen in New York City The 1960’s in New York City were a whole different dimension in my life. Those years were not only about Kenneth’s Salon and its super rich clients, but some kind of energy in me that had always drawn me to the vibrance of art, artists and creativity – in […]

Book 3: Chapter 4

The Hasnamuss on the Mountaintop Mrs. Esperanza remains a mystery to me, even to this day. I’m still not sure how she knew what to say, or why she felt she needed to say anything to me at all – but she did, and it had a massive impact. As we sat in that circle […]

Book 3: Chapter 5

Have Scissors, Will Travel  “People are strange when you’re a stranger.” – Jim Morrison, the Doors.   Upon my return to the City by the Bay it felt to me as if everything had changed. The city was exactly the same as it had always been, but I could sense something new about myself, inwardly. […]

The Six Senses

The Senses: Touching- Tactile sense in your skin (various nerve fibers have receptors for heat, cold, itch, pain and pressure). Smelling- Sense of smell through chemical sensors inside the mucous membranes of your nose and the olfactory nerves. Hearing- Through the ear drums, the hearing bones, the inner ear and the cochlear nerve. Tasting- Sense of […]

Five Types of Hair

5 Types of Hair .Scalp Hair – the hair on top of the head . Element: Ether Crown Chakra .Fine Hair – the hair in the eye lashes, brow, nose, and ears. Element: Air Third Eye  Chakra .Facial Hair – the hair on the face such as, beards and mustaches. Element: Water Throat  Chakra .Pubic […]