Get Your Hair Ready for the Chinese New Year

If you sort of transitioned into 2017 without really having a go at resolutions, resets and planning, which is what I did, then we all have another chance: the Chinese New Year! It is also called the Lunar New Year because it falls on the New Moon between January 21st and February 20th. The New Moon in Aquarius is exact on January 27th at 4:07 PM PST and the Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster officially begins on January 28th. The Year of the Fire Rooster favors marriage and hard work and also appearance, beauty and style.

Just picture a proud rooster walking with his head up high, lengthened by his red crown. The rooster represents many attributes and just like a rooster I picked five for us to apply to our hair care and looks.
Close up of beautician's hand with a comb cutting hair of woman


Write down your hair and beauty goals for this year. A few minutes of planning and envisioning saves time and energy in the long run as it sets a straight course. Would you like to grow out your hair? Would you like to improve the health of your hair? Plan your haircuts with the seasons, the lunar chart and your own inner rhythms and wishes in mind. Calculate your beauty budget for the year and write down a few action steps towards a healthier you.


Choose more sustainable solutions for your hair care. Use less water [see water saving video], clean your brush regularly, which translates into not having to wash your hair as frequently. Replace blow-drying with towel and air-drying. Reduce and recycle anything superfluous from your bathroom and hair care routine.


Practice precision haircutting and ask for precision haircuts. Take the extra time to precisely braid your long hair or to shape your short hair into form. Experience precision and see how it feels and affects you and your image.


Believing in a zone of perfectionism instead of expecting 100% of yourself all the time can be your ticket to a relaxing and yet high quality life. My zone is the 80-100% zone. If I am in it whether it is my hair, my health or my outfit, I am perfect.


Share your hair, its beauty and energy with your partner. Some people are visual and they will enjoy the sight of your hair. Others are kinesthetic. They will appreciate the feel of your hair. Definitely touch your loved one’s hair more often. And for all the auditory people pass out heartfelt compliments on people’s hair. All this will boost our self-confidence, which is the gift of the Red Rooster.