Best Time for Shaving and Cutting Your Hair

The best time of the year for shaving and getting a haircut that takes off more than the usual length are the lunar days on or after the Spring Equinox. This year the dates are March 20th and 21st for the US time zones.

Here is why: the Spring Equinox is Nature’s New Year. Astrologically, the sun moves into the sign of Aries and the journey through the zodiac starts all over again. Aries is a fire sign; on a physical level, it rules the head. It represents the baby’s head moving through the birth canal, a seed breaking open and the power of a plant pushing itself through concrete. All this expresses that the rising life force is super high. Shaving or cutting your hair on the exact dates is like jumping on the energy train right when it rolls out of the station. The next best lunar days this year are March 4th & 5th and then the new moon dates, March 15th & 16th, which are still great days to board the train.
Another reason for shaving and cutting off a lot of hair on these days is that in some parts of the world the warmer season begins and we don’t need as much hair to warm us. Cutting your hair and having a little less hair on your head always means more mobility and freedom. Everything will be faster: your shampooing, drying, and styling. Faster feels good when everything starts buzzing.

If, for some reason, you cannot make these dates and need to cut your hair before, while the sun is still in Pisces, make it about letting go. Pisces is a water sign and rules our emotion and connection with all. Sometimes we are too connected within relationships, habits, and memories and a haircut with the intention of releasing will help us detangle from anything which no longer serves us. As nature completes its cycle, give your cut hair back to the earth and let the transformation happen.


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  1. SongLinh
    SongLinh says:

    This is a very nice explanation for the best dates of the year to have a haircut! Thank you! Got my hair cut on 3/21 this year and felt fabulous! Yahooo!!!

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