Lunar Hair Cutting Demonstration

In this video, Linda shows you her Lunar Hair Cutting procedure…

Spokes in the Wheel: Wisdom for Healthier Hair

Beautiful, healthy hair depends on more than just the products…

Best Time for Shaving and Cutting Your Hair

The best time of the year for shaving and getting a haircut that takes off more than the usual length are the lunar days on or after the Spring Equinox...

Get Your Hair Ready for the Chinese New Year

If you transitioned into 2017 without really having a go at resolutions, resets, or planning, then you still have another chance: the Chinese New Year!
The moon

Love the Moon You're In

By the light of the moon, we are guided through the nightime. …
The moon

The Best Days for Shaving, Plucking or Waxing

Dear Bloggers, According to the ancient wisdom of Shamans…