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Love the Moon You’re In

By the light of the moon, we are guided through the nightime.  It is our pleasure to gaze upon the celestial majesty of the New Moon or a Full Moon on a clear night.  Our imaginations become wild with creative ideas and we may feel the desire to…to….HOOOOOWL!  Let it out!  Let the Moon effect you.  Stop resisting it’s power and find a new way to channel it into your life.  All living things, people or plant or animal alike, feel the movement and positioning and cycle of the moon.  Plants grow or stagnate by her.  Children become restless and the tides rise and fall.  Any underlying conditions or emotional turmoil will come to the forefront of your mind during the phase of a Full Moon and more so when the Moon is New and Huge in the sky.

Creating a life that waxes and wanes and rises with the moon is a wonderful salute to holistic living!  In a very real way, allowing the moon’s cycles to benefit our hair growth, or hair removal only makes sense.  Let’s focus on the next major Moon cycle, which will be the one to take advantage of in maximizing Hair Growth or Hair Health.  Because we are in Winter now…we must focus to the Spring Equinox.  This is the ideal time for a trim, especially for those of us who only trim seasonally.  The dates to keep in mind for each month can be found here:

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    • Anthony Morrocco
      Anthony Morrocco says:

      Lucy, go to our website,, and check out our Lunar Hair Chart to see key dates each month for Lunar Hair Care!

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